• CrossManager

    Cross Manager is standalone software that converts files from most CAD formats.


    The FRacture ANalysis Code 3D (FRANC3D) program is designed to simulate 3D crack growth in engineering structures where the component geometry, local loading conditions, and the evolutionary crack geometry can be arbitrarily complex.


    Whether you are making modifications to your 3D models, exploring what-if scenarios for analysis, or implementing comprehensive shape optimization, Sculptor can help you easily and efficiently reuse your 3D data.

  • VCollab

    VCollab is a common data reduction and visualization platform for most major CAD/CAM/CAE data files for technical and non-technical users.


Process Optimization provides simulation users with CAE simulation software products, process automation tools and engineering services to help them minimize their engineering processes, and reduce their operating cost.

Process Optimization provides simulation users with CAE services to help them evaluate and/or get up to speed with various simulation technologies.

Process Optimization provides consulting services to software companies for their business development process and ensuring their processes is customer-focused.

Process Optimization provides consulting services to software companies for Sales and Marketing activities related to the transportation industries.

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StructCode announces release of Structlife 1.3

September 3, 2013

StructCode will be releasing StructLife 1.3 on October 1st, 2013. This release will include the following new capabilities: Hoffmann-Seeger and Dowling analysis methods for Multiaxial proportional loadings, Finite element model can be split in pieces and each part can be analyzed with its own material property and parameters, Nastran .op2 result file interface and improved post-processing features, e.g. the initial crack is visualized (as a penny-crack) in the FEM at the critical location, on the critical crack plane.

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Process Optimization is an experienced value added engineering software reseller and CAE software consulting firm with a strong technical background and customer focus.


Process Optimization has extensive experience working with automotive and aerospace clients worldwide providing high-level support, obtaining feedback, building business relationships, and understanding the needs of customers to improve their simulation processes.


Process Optimization has extensive experience working with CAE software companies providing business development, sales and marketing, training, and managing technical field operations and software development teams.


Process Optimization combines a strong technology and application background, business development experience, and a customer focus with an emphasis on results.

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