Cross Manager is a CAD independent translation software that converts files to/from most CAD formats. With Cross Manager, you just have to select a CAD file in the software to convert it automatically in the format you need.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • No need for a CAD license
  • File to file transfer
  • Supports Both 2D & 3D data
  • Supports 3D PDF export
  • Supports 2D DXF export

Features and

  • CrossManager provides translation for most 2D & 3D design formats
    • Supports all major CAD systems for 3D data import including V6 via 3DXML
    • Supports most major CAD systems for 3D data export
    • Supports standards based 3D exchange (IGES, JT, STEP, VDA)
    • Supports kernels for 3D data exchange (ACIS, Parasolid)
    • Supports export of 3D PDF files with PMI data
    • Supports CATIA V4, CATIA V5, CATIA V6, DWG, ProEngineer/Creo, and NX for 2D import
    • Format speficic options available to control translation process with smart defaults
    • Supports assembly data
    • Supports dimensioning, annotations, and tolerancing
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